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Main Meeting Programme

Tuesday 20/11/2018

  • Arrivals of participants from the pre-meeting tour or to Heraklion airport or by ferry boat.
  • Meet and Greet service by hosts upon airport arrivals from Athens or Thessaloniki airports.
  • Registrations for the 20th FEG Main Meeting Program at the two hotels’ welcome desks.
17.30 Short walk from your hotel lobby for the 20th FEG European Tourist Guide Meeting Opening Ceremony

of the 20th European Tourist Guide Meeting & AGM in Heraklion

20.00-21.30 Welcome reception (included)

Wednesday 21/11/2018

Full day tour at Eleftherna and Arkadi

08.30 Departure from Eleftherias square by bus (for both hotel guests)
10.00 -11.30 Visit the Archaeological Museum of Eleftherna

At the foot of Psiloritis Mountain and the Idean Cave, where Zeus was protected as a baby by the mythical Kouretes warriors, lies Eleftherna, a typical Cretan city of the Greek and Roman era. The local museum hosts various finds from the ongoing university excavation of the site, presenting all aspects of everyday life, commerce, art and religion of the major historical periods of the city. What is exceptional is the exhibition related to funerary rites, connecting Homeric narration of cremations to actual archaeological finds of the necropolis of Eleftherna (Orthi Petra).

11.30-12.30 Coffee break (included)
12.30-14.00 Visit the Necropolis of Orthi Petra

Following the visit of the museum, the necropolis of Orthi Petra completes our journey back in the Homeric Era (9th-7th century BC) and the funerary customs of the time. Walking around the graves, the funerary buildings and the ceremonial pyres for cremations we shall continue with the stories of the buried aristocratic ladies of Eleftherna and its brave warriors.

14.30-15.30 Lunch (included)
15.30- 17.00 Visit Arkadi Monastery

Arkadi, built in a pasture landscape, characteristic of Cretan hinterland, is the most famous monastery of Crete. It is a beautiful creation of the Venetian-Cretan tradition of the 16th century AD, combining elements of Renaissance art and Byzantine monastery life. Nominated as a European Monument of Freedom, as a result of the 1866 massacre that took place here during the Cretan Rebellion against the Ottoman Rule, Arkadi is a pleasant visit of both artistic and historic value.

19.00 Arrival at Heraklion

Free evening at leisure

Thursday 22/11/2018

Half day tour at the Archaeological site of Knossos and the village of Archanes

08.30 Departure from Eleftherias square by bus (for both hotel guests)
09.00-11.00 Visit at the Archaeological site of Knossos
The palace of Knossos, located 5 km south of Heraklion, is the biggest and most important center of the Minoan civilization. Built more than 3.500 years ago it was the seat of the legendary King Minos and it is linked with the thrilling legends of the Labyrinth and the Minotaur. Discover the different functions of the palace and the extremely advanced architectural solutions that make the Minoan civilization one of the most sophisticated cultures of Europe in the Bronze Age.
11.30 -13.30 Visit Archanes village, one of the most colourful settlements in Crete.
Archanes is a picturesque village built on the slopes of Mt. Giouhtas, 15 km south of the city of Heraklion. Situated in the centre of the most important wine-producing region of Crete, it has a 5.000 years old history, dating back to the Minoan period. The narrow stone-paved streets, the beautiful colourful buildings and the small byzantine churches of the settlement create a charming scenery for your walks.
13.30-14.30 Coffee break and snack lunch (included)
15.00 Arrival at Heraklion
19.00 Cretan traditional dinner


Or choice from two FEG optional seminars for qualified tourist guides:

Friday 23/11/2018

8.30 Departure from Eleftherias square by bus (for both hotel guests)
9.30-10.30 Visit of Panagia Kera byzantine period church on the Dikte Mountains, with fresco paintings of the 13th-14th
11.00-13.00 Coffee break with snaks and visit of a village
14.30 Arrival at the Elounda Bay
Elounda is a small village on the northeast coast of Crete. The breathtaking view over the Mirambello bay turned the once fishermens’ village into a luxurious resort. It is chosen by movie stars, why not you?
14.30-15.30 Boat trip around Spinalonga island (ancient Kalydon)
Spinalonga, one of the most visited sites of Crete, is an uninhabited island located in the gulf of Miramblelo, near the village of Elounda. Despite its small size, Spinalonga has a long and interesting history; it was used as a Venetian fortress, a prosperous Ottoman period settlement and one of the last functioning lepers’ colony of Europe. Its history and beautiful scenery featured in many TV series, films and books.
Coffee break and snack lunch (included)
17.00 Arrival at Heraklion
18.00 Experts’ Presentations for all participants – Details to be announced

Saturday 24/11/2018

  • 9.00-17.00: FEG Delegates Full Day AGM at the Aquila Altlantis hotel

All other participants:

Half day tour to the south coast of Crete – Experience the traditional products

08.30 Departure from Eleftherias square by bus (for both hotel guests)
08.30 Drive through the plain of Messara, the main granary of Crete. Located at the south side of Heraklion Prefecture and surrounded by massive mountain ranges, is the biggest plain of the island and one of the most impressive ones.
10.00-11.00 Visit Gortys Archaeological Site

Located in south central Crete 45 km. away from Heraklion, Gortys is the largest archaeological site on Crete in terms of land area and one of the most powerful, prosperous and well governed cities of the island. The once capital of Roman Crete and the first city that welcomed the Christian religion, Gortys will offer you an interesting insight in the life of the ancient Cretan towns through the Great Inscription of the 5th c. BC, the oldest Greek and European Law Code.

Choice between two options:
11.00-13.00 Pick up olives and visit an olive press. Olive oil has been, since the Minoan period, one of the basic ingredients of the Cretan diet and one of the most important exported goods of the island. Crete today – with its 35 million olive trees and the world’s biggest consumption of olive oil per capita per year – continues to value this precious product. The harvesting of olives and the visit of an olive press can become a one of a kind experience.


11.00-13.00 Visit of Phaestos Archaeological Site

Located in a favourable position on the western edge of the plain of Messara, Phaestos was one of the most important centres of Minoan civilization. Some unique features of this palace will give you a different understanding of the Minoan palatial architecture, while its captivating panoramic view of the surrounding area will explain to you why this site was perfect for habitation.

13.00-14.00 Coffee break and snack lunch (included)
15.00 Arrival at Heraklion

Free evening at leisure


FEG optional seminar for qualified tourist guides:

Internet Marketing for Tourist Guides

20.00 Departure from Eleftherias square by bus (for both hotel guests)

for the FEG Gala dinner (included).

There will be shuttle buses for the return back to Heraklion on different times.

Sunday 25/11/2018

  • 9.00 FEG Delegates Half Day AGM at the Aquila Altlantis hotel

All other participants:

9.00-16.00 Μeet your tourist guide at the museums of your choice entrance on the times stated below.

Please, choose up to 3 museums and your time of preference per person and your tourist guides will be waiting for you there on the times seen below:




Heraklion Archaeological Museum (2 hrs)

The museum, located in the city center, was built between 1937 and 1940 by architect Patroklos Karantinos on a site previously occupied by the Roman Catholic monastery of Saint-Francis. The strict exterior of the building, which was awarded a Bauhaus commendation, comes in full contrast with the beautiful, colorful collection of its interior.

Following a chronological and a thematic order, the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion, one of the most significant museums of Greece, displays the archaeological treasures of the island, products of the labor and inspiration of the Cretan artisans, dating from the Neolithic age up to the late Roman period.

The mysterious disc of Phaestos, the magnificent bull’s head rhyton, the famous snake goddesses’ figurines, the beautiful frescoes of Minoan art, just to mention a few, are waiting to be discovered by you.



Catherine’s Museum (1 hr)

St. Catherine’s Museum is located in the homonymous Venetian church in the center of Heraklion and next to the cathedral of Saint Minas. The museum houses a collection of representative works of the Cretan Byzantine and post-Byzantine art, among which are the icons attributed to the painter Angelos, one of the most famous painters of the 15th century, as well as the six icons by Michael Damaskenos, some of the most important works of the Cretan School during the 16th century. The collection also includes ecclesiastical books and manuscripts, vestments, ecclesiastical vessels and relics, wall-paintings, wood-carvings and sculptures.



Koules Fortress and Nautical Exhibition (45 min) at 

Koules, the Venetian guardian of the port of Heraklion, is a well preserved example of a maritime fortress of the 16th century, part of the extended fortifications that protected Candia (modern Heraklion), the Venetian capital of Crete. Today, it houses an interesting exhibition, focusing on ancient commercial shipwrecks in the gulf of Heraklion and the major nautical event of the La Therese shipwreck in 1669, during the definitive combat between the European allies that supported the Venetian defenders against the Ottoman troops that have been besieging Candia for 21 years!

11.30 Natural History Museum of Crete (1 hr) at 

The beautiful and vivid exhibition of the Natural History Museum emphasizes on natural environments of Crete and Eastern Mediterranean. Through realistic representations of ecosystems and the specially arranged area of the “vivid museum”, that houses small living animals, the visitor can easily learn and understand the fauna and flora of the area. Moreover, an educational seismic table that operates in the museum offers a live experience of major earthquakes and along with the Discovery Center designed for children and the temporary dinosaur exhibition the museum has become a favorite among families. Situated on the sea front of Heraklion the building of the museum is an industrial monument, where the first electric company of the city was once operating.

13.30-15.00 Farewell lunch for the FEG Ex.Co., delegates and all participants at the Ibis Styles hotel (included)
  • End of the Main Meeting program
  • Individual departures for the airport

19.00 Departure from Eleftherias square by bus (for both hotel guests) for the ferry port for the Post-Meeting tour to Mainland Classical Greece and overnight on the ferry boat to Piraeus, with dinner and breakfast on board (included)

Extra overnights for attending the FEG/ENAT  T-GUIDE 2-day course – Guiding people with learning difficulties


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