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Important notice:

  • Pre- and post-meeting tours will have a minimum of 30 pax and a maximum of 96 pax.  All bookings – including the main programme will be on a first come first served basis, since there is a capacity limit is some of the venues.
  • Participants are advised to register first and then pay for the packages and book flights only after their registration is confirmed by the organisers.
  • For specific terms on the post-tour, please see the Registration Form before you book and pay.

Program as Google Calendar or PDF

We have created a Google calendar for you in which all events with location details are entered. If there are changes to the program during the congress, it will be automatically updated.

For those who you prefer to print the programm or share it with your colleagues in email we have created a pdf.

Pre-Meeting Tour

Tourist Guides of Crete Pre-Meeting Tour


Sunday 18 November – Tuesday 21 November


Payment deadline: 31st August 2018

Important notice:

  • For specific terms on the main programme, as well as on pre-meeting and post-meeting tours, please see the Registration Form before you book and pay.
  • Registrations must be confirmed by the host organisers to each participant before booking their flights, due to limited places in some of the venues.
  • Bookings will be strictly done in first come first served basis with online registration or by email to our ATGI hosts.