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FEG Optional Seminars for qualified tourist guides

  • Thursday, 22 November 2018
  • 15.30-19.30 pm
  • Ibis Styles Hotel, Heraklion
  • Price 95,00 EUR
  • FEG Trainer: Anastasia Gaitanou
  • Minimum 8-maximum 20 participants

The voice is crucial to our work as tourist guides. How do we care for it and how can we improve its performance and effectiveness when delivering our commentaries? This interactive workshop will explore these important points with practical exercises. The CEN standard EN15565:2008 modules covered by this workshop include voice projection, diction, microphone use and breathing techniques. More specifically, we will look at how we keep our voice in healthy and optimal condition, how the voice is produced and what it involves, and how to breathe better. We will explore and practice ways of incorporating a variety of speech and narrative through enhancing volume, pace, emphasis, tone, modulation, expression, pitch and articulation.

Registration & Payment deadline to FEG bank account: upon confirmation, see details down below


  • Thursday, 22 November 2018
  • 15.30-19.30 pm
  • Ibis Styles Hotel, Heraklion
  • Price 95,00 EUR / 50 EUR for appointed FEG delegates
  • FEG Trainer: Efi Kalampoukidou
  • Minimum 8 participants

Would you like to enrich your expertise about pan European issues concerning the profession of Tourist Guides in Europe? Would you like to enhance your knowledge about European Institutions and how they work? Come and join this seminar, which is an important learning experience for Ex.Co. representatives of Tourist Guide Associations, FEG delegates, as well as all professional tourist guides, who wish to take an active role in raising awareness of the tourist guide profession.

This seminar will provide you with background knowledge on FEG, its development, its aims and work to enable you to be a well-informed voice for tourist guides in your own country and in Europe. Through the expertise gained in this seminar, you will be in a stronger position to lobby National and European Institutions in order to safeguard, promote and represent the interests of the tourist guiding profession in your country.

This seminar gives an opportunity to look at practical strategies to influence thinking. By bringing you up-to-date with current issues concerning tourist guiding in Europe, this seminar will be useful in improving and expanding your potential to contribute towards quality and standards in today’s fast-changing world.

Registration & Payment deadline to FEG bank account: upon confirmationsee details down below


  • Saturday 24th November 2018
  • 15.30-19.30 pm
  • Ibis Styles Hotel, Heraklion
  • Price 95,00 EUR
  • FEG Trainer: Radoslaw Szafranowicz-Maloziec
  • Minimum 8 participants

The world is changing as is tourists’ behaviour. Privately guided tailor-made tours and the demand for local experiences keep increasing. If tourist guides want to be in a market they have to follow and be familiar with new trends. Your business webpage, your activity on social media or testimonials and clients’ reviews play an important role in getting requests for more guided tours. In other words, you must be present on the internet nowadays!

If you are a professional qualified tourist guide, you need to take care of your business and web image. You may like it or not, but today without a good promotion on the internet you won’t work a lot. That’s obvious. It’s not because you are not good – you might be the best one but no one will check it if they cannot easily find you.

How do we search for the tourist guide in the 21st century? What’s important in promoting your service? Our seminar will help you to check what you do correctly, what you can improve or should definitely change! That’s your business – take care of it.

Registration & Payment deadline to FEG bank account: upon confirmationsee details down below


  • Monday 26 & Tuesday 27 November 2018
  • Venue: Tourist Guides Association of Crete & Santorini Seminar Room Heraklion Trade Union (EKH)
  • Price 265,00 EUR (incl. all 4 training stages, 4 coffee breaks & 2 lunches)
  • FEG Trainer: Viola Lewis
  • Minimum 8 participants
  • 2-full days’ classroom course

Guiding people with learning difficulties

A certification from FEG and ENAT (European Network for Accessible Tourism) for guiding visitors with learning difficulties. This is the final outcome of an EU funded Leonardo project, with FEG at its heart, to develop a CPD (continuing professional development) course for qualified tourist guides. Enhance your skill set and gain access to a rapidly increasing market for guides who can competently and sensitively work with this growing client base. To achieve the certificate tourist guides need to complete 4 stages:

  1. Online learning in modules each with a final assessment,
  2. A further written assessment requiring consolidation of the knowledge gained in the initial modules,
  3. Attend a one-day interactive course and
  4. Within 6 months of the course set up and conduct a real tour with a group of people with learning difficulties and then provide client feedback and self-evaluation in a portfolio of evidence.

The intensive two-day course involves practising the use of ETUL (easy to understand language), improving understanding of the functional and social aspects of disabilities and of the relevant national and EU legislation. You will participate in exercises on a shared understanding of learning difficulties, developing access statements and accessible/inclusive tourism through universal design. You will develop refinements to your communication techniques and your tour planning skills.

Once you have successfully completed all four stages and are a certified T-GUIDE your name and area of qualification will be publicised on the FEG and ENAT websites.

Registration & Payment deadline to FEG bank account: upon confirmationsee details down below


Important notice:

  • Pre- and post-meeting tours will have a minimum of 30 pax.  All bookings – including the main programme will be on a first come first served basis, since there is a capacity limit is some of the venues.
  • Participants are advised to register first and then pay for the packages and book flights only after their registration is confirmed by the organisers.
  • For specific terms on the post-tour, please see the Registration Form before you book and pay.