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Free Workshops

22nd November & 24th November 2019


Adrien Bordrez, “Golden guiding services for Silver Tourism”, Faro hotel

Silver tourism is a term used to define travellers of an age of 55+, the fastest growing tourism market. For this booming market access to cultural heritage is paramount. Tourist guides are the interpreters of cultural heritage and have a significant role to play. Learn how to cater for this market, improving your skills and techniques and how to become a more accessible guide.

Mariangela Du Chaliot, “Mamma mia! Up the creek without a paddle”, Faro hotel

This workshop aims to help tourist guides deal with stressful situations. It will develop strategies to help you cope in difficult circumstances; practicing and interacting together we will find the most workable solutions. It will give you a paddle to go up the creek.

Caroline Knutsson-Hall, “If you want to know how to KISS…learn it from journalists”, Faro hotel

Journalists work hard on how to present news and make them appealing to listeners and readers. As professional tourist guides, we can all learn from how they work and improve our guiding skills.

Jessie McDonald, “Cheatsheet to guiding in the digital age”, Eve hotel

This is an interactive, hands on workshop, aimed at bringing you some of the best, free technology out there for enhancing your organisational and research skills and also working efficiently, while on the road. Suitable for everyone, from Digital Natives to Digital Immigrants.

Jose Paris, “Body language for tourist guides”, Faro hotel

Sometimes your voice says one thing, but your body something totally different. Learn some basics on body language and how to provide better guiding services; how to read what your customers’ bodies say, while listening to you. Learn tricks to control your presentations. Body language is very subtle, but strong. It is what makes you trust somebody or not, independently of what the person says. 

Wika Trel, “Dealing with difficult questions”, Eve hotel

Our guests mostly hear what WE consider relevant and interesting, but communication is a two-way process.  Questions are an integral part of  a tourist guide’s work and an opportunity for our guests to ask what THEY think is important. This interactive workshop will improve your skills in handling difficult questions, practise correct techniques for answering them and give the opportunity to share experiences.

Info note:
Workshops will be delivered at Eva Hotel or Faro Hotel in English, open to all certified tourist guides free of charge upon online registration. They will all be delivered at the same time on the 22nd November afternoon and the same ones will be repeated on the 24th November morning. Please choose only one workshop per date on the FEG meeting website upon your initial Faro Meeting registration. The maximum number of participants for each workshop is 30 persons on each date.