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All registrations for the FEG Main Meeting and Post-Meeting tour must be done per person, by using one unique email address per person, either for the 1st & the 2nd Step.
In order to register, you will need: 
  • Scan or picture of your tourist guide ID with your name (if you are a tourist guide)
  • Letter of appointment from your tourist guide association (if you are a FEG association delegate)
  • Name of the tourist guide you are joining for the events, who has to be registered before you (if you are an accompanying person) 
You will get an automatic email with your submitted registration details. 
Please check your spam file too!
Please wait for the confirmation email for your booking to be sent from the Cretan Tourist Guides’ office before booking your flight.
For any double room registrations done, please inform the second person you will be sharing the hotel room with, to register him/herself in a separate online form as soon as possible, also by writing your name as the second person to share the hotel room with. 
Another email address should be used for the second person for both steps.


After you receive the booking confirmation email from the Portuguese Tourist Guides’ office, you may go ahead and book your flights/trains.
Please submit your travel details on the page named Travel Details and – if needed – any extra nights per person, by using the same email address you used when registered.