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Greetings by the host

Dear Colleagues and Friends

It gives me great pleasure to invite you to the 21st Annual Meeting of FEG – The European Federation of Tourist Guides Associations. “The Beginning of Globalisation and the Algarve” is the theme for this year’s meeting. Prince Henry the Navigator launched the beginning of globalisation when his Portuguese expedition set sail from the Algarve to Ceuta in 1415.

This year all the European Tourist Guides are invited for the fourth time to join us in Portugal. I have chosen the Algarve region in the south of Portugal for this fourth visit, following Porto in 2009, Madeira in 2011 and Evora in 2013. As you see, we never tire of the pleasure of welcoming you to this beautiful and amazing country. So from the 19th till the 24th November 2019 you will be receiving a warm welcome in Faro, the Capital of the Algarve Region.

I have decided, in consultation with FEG ExCo, to make some changes to the general  programme this year.  Over the last few years the FEG ExCo has invested a lot of resources in trainer training, in order to increase the pool of FEG Accredited Trainers in Europe. The FEG ExCo and I have decided to invite the FEG trainers-in-accreditation to present part of their work and training in Faro. So when you register for the FEG Annual Meeting this year, you will be required to choose two workshops from the several which will be offered.  The ExCo is keen that all members receive the CPD benefit of FEG’s investment in trainer training, and in addition we are confident that by your attendance you will show your collegiate support for our FEG trainers-in-accreditation and your appreciation of all the hard work and intensive preparation they have put into their years of training.

If you wish to extend your stay after the main AGM programme, you are cordially invited to do the post tour to Lisbon. In the Capital of Portugal I have organised a special cultural programme which will include visits to some of the most important monuments and museums and will end with a cultural treat – a Fado dinner to close the programme with a unique Portuguese flourish!

 As always when welcoming colleagues to Portugal, I have prepared a programme which should appeal to all with some nice surprises thrown in!

See you in November!


Paulo Cosme
General Secretary of SNATTI and FEG ExCo